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The Founders

Six Pack and a Song brings together classical pianist Jeffrey Dean Hampton and Jack-of-many-trades Andy Jones of Evansville, Indiana. This unlikely duo share a deep bond in their mutual passion for all matters artistic, and they bring their unique talents together to create productions across a diverse range, including podcasts, commentaries & critiques, audiodramas, and musical collaborations.

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Jeffrey Dean Hampton

Jeffrey Dean Hampton is a classically trained pianist and overall thoughtful and creative dude. Widely educated and experienced in all areas pertaining to music, he has studied piano performance at Roosevelt University in Chicago and Indiana State University in Terre Haute. A gifted interpreter and live performer, he has performed a vast number of concerts ranging in style from classical recitals to pop accompaniment and even jazz, a genre he cut his teeth on as a member of ISU's Jazz Combos.  For Six Pack and a Song, Jeffrey serves as a pianist, critic, voice actor, and producer. He also runs Hampton Music Studio, a piano instruction studio in Evansville.

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Andy Jones

Andy Jones is something of a "Jack of many trades." His background includes music and creative writing, and he has worked as a musician throughout the Evansville and Chicago areas, as a solo act and at one point in collaboration with Katie Watts as a member of her band, the Ideas. He has released two albums of original music and published a scholastic article on Margaret Atwood's Alias Grace from a failed stint in grad school. He has studied film at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and creative writing at the University of Southern Indiana in Evansville. For Six Pack and a Song, Andy serves as a guitarist, critic, voice actor, and producer. Check out his Bandcamp.

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